Tips for Selling Your Home

It is important to attract as many qualified Buyers as possible. In preparing your home for sale, it is eminent to envision your home through a “Buyer’s eye.” Fact is, people purchase what they see, not “how it’s going to be.” Now is the time to make your home as Buyer-friendly as possible.
You can improve the market value of your home without finishing the basement or remodeling the kitchen. Paint is your best improvement investment for getting a greater return on your money. Remember, presentation is key.


Mow the lawn, trim the trees and shrubs away from your house.
Remove dead plants, flowers & shrubs.
Put away tools, garbage cans, hoses, toys & building materials.
Remove window screens while selling your home & keep windows clean.
Check for broken roof shingles.
Seal or resurface driveway (if applicable).
Clear patios or decks of planters, flower pots, charcoal & barbecues.
Dress up front yard shrubs & lamp posts with fresh mulch.


Clean your stove & oven
Repair drips, squeaks or binds in cabinet drawers.
Discard old food & leftovers from refrigerator.
Clear refrigerator of messages, pictures & magnets.
Clear small appliances & cookware from countertop.


Use bright bulb in the foyer light fixture.
Turn on all lights in evening to welcome potential buyers.
Clean all light fixtures.
Fill the house with a fresh scent.
Spotlessly clean woodwork & carpeting.
Clear window ledges of all objects to give a nice glimpse inside & out.
Repaint walls, if necessary, in a neutral color such as antique white.


Clean fireplace & remove any items in front of it.
Replace carpet if it has a loud color.
Remove magazines, books, or toys.
Create an easy going, relaxed atmosphere.


Discard worn-out furniture & move extras to a storage area.
Visit a model home to get decorating ideas.
Clear away all magazines, books & other objects from furniture.
Take down picture that hide walls. Patch nail holes & paint.
Add lamps & lighting in dark area.
Open the curtains.
Set out some fresh flowers.


Remove any unnecessary items from the vanity, tub, etc.
The fixtures, tile & shower curtain should be immaculate.
Caulk & grout tile. Bleach discolored grout.
Remove any wall paper that is not “conservative.”
Decorate with towels.


This is the 2nd most important-to-be appealing room.
Define areas by furniture arrangement. Keep it simple.
Be sure clothes are hung up.
Store off-season clothing elsewhere.



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Short Sales

Are you facing foreclosure? You may have a better way out!

There are countless hardships that can turn home ownership from a joy into a burden. The loss of a job, medical bills, or an unexpected hike in monthly payments can all make a mortgage unaffordable. But ignoring the bills will not make them go away, it will only make things worse.

If you need help, there are approaches that can help, but you may not be familiar with them. One of these is a “short sale.” In an approved short sale, the lender agrees to accept less than what is owed for the property, and the homeowner is relieved of the debt. A lender may be willing to do this because it spares a lot of hassle and expense involved in executing a foreclosure. And typically, a short sale does far less damage to the homeowner’s credit than a foreclosure does.

If you would like to explore the possibility of a short sale for your property, avoid foreclosure, and potentially save your credit rating, please contact me. I am a certified short sale negotiator and I will be happy to talk with you and explore your options.